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Expenditure in hardware, UNIX server market size 978,990,000 yuan, accounting for 46% of the hardware in the proportion of expenditure, PC server and storage hardware market was 786.69 million yuan and 358.07 million yuan, accounting for expenditure of hardware products in the software expenditure, 65% of applications the proportion of share, the market scale reached 1.30823 billion yuan, middleware and database products in the market share of 322.03 million yuan and 261.65 million yuan, accounting for software expenditure accounted for 13% and 16% storage software accounted for only 6% share of the market size of 120.76 million yuan.
In addition, Germany and France also opposed the agreement, Google is stressed that the agreement can be modified. Frances decision did not affect the confidence of investors, Google shares rose on Friday afternoon was $ 3.86, to $ 597.80 a share. However, the decision is a warning to Google, in the process of expansion abroad, the search giant of the industry under pressure. Since 2004, Google has scanned in the world 1 more than ten million books, including two million books to obtain publisher permission, books about 9,000 publishers in Europe. Another 200 million books, Google plans to show some abbreviated way to calm the copyright dispute. According to two studies showed that despite the grand launch on Thursday will be a new flat computer, but the new computer is unlikely to hold in the mainstream notebook market, how much weight. According to Wednesdays report from Gartner Dataquest shows that using Microsofts new Windows XP computer operating system flat sales of 42.5 million units, accounting for the total 2003 global sales of 1% of the notebook.

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