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Since the summer of 2001, AMD to promote "true performance standards", the "computer processors run faster, the better the performance" concept put forward questions. AMD has been advocating the "IPC X MHz" theory, is becoming a mainstream voice on the market. In 2002, after AMD mobile processors introduced in the weak position of the Chinese market so that consumers can not hear the voice of AMD. In the U.S. market, AMD mobile processors in the consumer market share Sichengyishang, while in China, many consumers have no knowledge even launched a mobile AMD processors. AMD has been promoting the "user center" to be submerged in the market, the price advantage which can not be compared because of weakening. March, AMD mobile processors will be separate identity, the formation of a separate new visual identity system, and also released the worlds thin new processors, coupled with follow-up synchronization partners, AMD in the mobile processor market began to accelerate running.

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