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LM809M3X-2.45 Datasheet | National Semiconductor
Part No. : LM809M3X-2.45
Description : 3-Pin Microprocessor Reset Circuits
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Page Number : 8
Manufacturer : National Semiconductor
File Size : 184 Kb

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Present between the PE and CE can support only four routing protocols BGP, OSPF, RIP2 or static routing. Through MP-BGP protocol with each VPN router to learn the user to the correct route, and now look at how to forward user data. 1.CE1 sent to receives the IP data packet, the query routing table and sends the IP packet to PE1. 2.PE1 received from the S1 port on IP data packet, according to S1 where the VRF, check the corresponding CEF table, packets marked with tags 8, note that the label is through the MP-BGP protocol coming from. PE1 continue to query the global CEF table, should be informed of data sent to, you must first be sent to PE2, and to be sent to PE2, it must inform the tab marked by the P1 2. So the IP packet is marked with two labels. 3.P1 label packages received after the analysis of the top label, the label into the top 4, continue to send the P2. 4.P2 and do the same as the operation of P1, due to the pop-up mechanism to the second last relay, P2 remove the label 4, with only a label directly to the label packages sent PE2. 5.PE2 receive the label package, analysis of labeling head, as the label 8 is its locally generated, and is the only local, so very easy to check 6.CE2 PE2 access IP data packets, routing lookup, the data sent to the / 8 network segment.
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