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Part No. : LM747CJ
Description : Voltage-Feedback Operational Amplifier
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OPPO D29L equipped with 1.5-inch TFT color screen, can play AVI format videos. WOLFSON 8987 with independent audio processing chip, and the use of PAD double clean tone noise reduction technology, audio playback signal to noise ratio reached 93dB. Spontaneous development of the latest DBEE OPPO also added to the D29L sound, mainly to enhance the bass. OPPO D29L addition to support for MP3, WMA and WAV format audio files, but also compatible with dual-APE, and FLAC lossless compressed audio format. D29L can view JPG, BMP format picture, reading TXT format text. Edit Comment: OPPO D29L D19L based on the upgrade, with a color screen. D29L D19L give up using the Philips chip, has begun the performance of both video and screen. But the OPPO is emphasis on "PP" to enhance sound quality, using a variety of unique audio and clean sound measures to ensure the music playback quality.
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