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Based on their research direction and product strategy, UIT application storage, unified storage platform, the Internet success of three major areas of store layout, promote the development of the application of mass information. UIT covers three areas of enterprise storage products, high, medium and low-end products, technologies and applications, and the cutting edge of cloud storage services that enable companies to easily handle vast amounts of information. Following on from the calculation of storage and network after the third wave, has presented a non-containment trends and is gradually becoming the IT industry can still be able to maintain the sustainable development of the future of the "sunrise industry." Needless to say, the storage industry in China started late, less independent intellectual property rights, competition in the market in a weak position. Chinese storage vendor bidding in government procurement activities are still not enough attention, or even can not get equal treatment, which severely limits the development of Chinas storage vendors. In fact the UIT as the representative of Chinas independent innovation capability with storage vendors in the technology advanced, open platform, product standardization, and other aspects of the program customers with distinctive features and the advantage, China will comprehensively promote the innovation and development of the storage industry .
Rate of 11Mbps, 2Mbps, 5.5Mbps55M security based on RC4 stream encryption algorithm, key management advantages of a limited no wiring, flexible and easy to use, the product has matured a lot and the prices have fallen relatively poor safety shortcomings, as the user throughput increase the distance increased and decreased 1, AP-based network structure, which is a wired network to extend wireless network, you can place multiple AP to extend wireless coverage and allow the laptop to roam between different AP. This network can also be extended a similar network structure, such as between the AP and the AP is connected via wireless.

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