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LM4871LD Datasheet | National Semiconductor
Part No. : LM4871LD
Description : Hardware Monitor with Dual Thermal Diodes and SensorPath Bus
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Page Number : 27
Manufacturer : National Semiconductor
File Size : 370 Kb

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Supply of electricity used by the separation of the core and memory power supply, and all uses high quality aluminum electrolytic capacitors and inductors closed, give the current graphics card to provide a more pure, rational layout and spacing of components, with good resistance to electromagnetic interference, to ensure stable enough to run graphics. Some equipped with modern DDR2 memory memory particles, constitutes a 256MB/128bit the memory specifications, the factory default graphics core and memory frequency 500MHz/667MHz, basically to meet the needs of mainstream games nowadays. This card provides a very large heat sink, has coverage of all core and memory, can also be effective for cooling, heat sink through the gap, but also to other components of the core around the auxiliary cooling, the overall good results. Output interface with a VGA + DVI + S-Video design, more suitable for high-definition digital LCD monitor output requirements, with the graphics core built-in PureVideoHD enhanced version of the video engine to provide users with high-definition visual experience beyond imagination.

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