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LM4850MM Datasheet | National Semiconductor
Part No. : LM4850MM
Description : Mono 1.5 W / Stereo 300 mW Power Amplifier
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Page Number : 20
Manufacturer : National Semiconductor
File Size : 1113 Kb

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Motherboard is equipped with up to 6 USB ports for easy consumer use. In addition, as high-quality integrated GMA 3100 graphics core, it also provides a VGA display output interface. Onboard Gigabit LAN support and 8-channel HD audio output. In addition, the motherboard is also equipped with an IEEE 1394 interface. Edit Comment: ASUS P5K-VM motherboard uses all solid capacitor design, memory and graphics card slot with an independent power supply module design. Onboard high-performance integrated graphics card for consumers to save part of the expenditure. The board is equipped with ASUS exclusive Super Memspeed memory upgrade technology, the G33 compared to other products, memory performance is more prominent.

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