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Part No. : LM358PW
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Page Number : 10
Manufacturer : Texas Instruments
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Should be used for packet filtering or the use of inward packet filtering out there has been controversy. RFC2267 recommends a global interconnect line with inward filtering mechanism, but this will bring a lot of trouble, in the middle-level access control lists on the router does not use too much trouble, but the backbone routers have been loaded will be clear on the threat. On the other hand, ISP out of the packet filtering if you use the overload of traffic measures will transfer to the device that are not too busy. Do not care whether the consumer ISPs border routers in their use of this technology. Of course, this filtering technology is not foolproof, it depends on the filtering mechanism used by managers.
Summary: 256M from DX10 technology, and large capacity memory, graphics cards support a variety of vista perfect effects; from the frozen Knight 4-0db heatsink, quiet and high-definition graphics will be combined into one, in line with home users, and Internet cafes common needs of users, merchants offer for 449 yuan at present, interested friends can go and see. With the popularity of dual core processors, graphics cards and dual-core products are all there, this time Tt has introduced a dual graphics card heat sink fan, called Tt Duorb it means that an improved version of the original Orb cooler, that is, dual-fan version. Now Price: 418 yuan. Tt Orb CPU cooler in the past has been used, such as the classic "blue pineapple" and "colorful pineapple." This time it appears in the video cards in the end, how the improvements, we take a look. Looked kind, we must be very amazing. This is the first, is a unique dual fan card cooler, but all of the heat sink and heat pipe is copper build, exquisite workmanship, sparkling, very eye-catching. Look carefully, this radiator is very popular as they are now three scales Siming and overclocking heat sink, heat pipe and the base is connected through. Tts glare fan is the fan, low speed, and quietness, however, and will be issued when using the faint blue light.

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