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LM317MDTX Datasheet | National Semiconductor
Part No. : LM317MDTX
Description : 3-Terminal Adjustable Regulator
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Page Number : 25
Manufacturer : National Semiconductor
File Size : 737 Kb

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Bottom of the chassis design of the front USB ports and audio output hole, to facilitate users to connect USB devices and connect the headphones, easy to enjoy digital life. Button on the chassis was designed in the middle of the left, like a big key to open the eyes of the chassis, next to the work of light, hard light and reset button, the orange of the Intel 38 degrees LOGO been posted on the central upper right corner. Back of the chassis provides two fan-bit to install cooling fans of different sizes to form a "double channel" cooling system. Lower the heat vents to facilitate timely dissemination of graphics, within the chassis provides good air flow duct. Maxim clouds for the whole black side of the chassis 601 high-quality galvanized steel sheet, formed by deep drawing process, strong and durable. CPU cooling chassis left side hole and card cooling holes, in line with Intel 38 degree standard.

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