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LM313H Datasheet | National Semiconductor
Part No. : LM313H
Description : Reference Diode
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Page Number : 4
Manufacturer : National Semiconductor
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LM313H Article About

Configuration, with the Shenzhou Cheng-long W300S Wei Mobile AMD Sempron 64 3000 + processor, the perfect support for 64-bit computing technology; unique low-power to bring a longer life; It also compatible with all current wireless network solutions, additional to the users mobile experience. Storage, Cheng-long W300S offers this 512MB memory and 40GB hard drive, has reached the mainstream of the current standard low-end models, running the new vista operating system can be somewhat smooth, users can purchase will be extended to their own memory 1GB. In addition this product also provides built-in Combo drive, integrated graphics. Powered by a 6-cell lithium battery, and its continuous use up to three hours, in the resource integration, balanced handling high-speed data transmission, for you to quickly solve the heavy work. Standard interface S-video output, Mini1394 port, Type II Pc card slot, four USB2.0 ports in the interface area, W300S addition to configuring a conventional interfaces, also has S-video output, Mini 1394 Kou , Type II Pc card slot slots, 4 USB2.0 ports, and a card reader interface, can easily stay connected with various digital devices connected, enough to meet the needs of users of room for expansion. Cheng-long W300S thermal aspects of the design in very clever ways to change the upward mobility under the heat out of the way straight away cold air to the heat, the efficiency is very high.
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