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Part No. : LM299H
Description : Voltage Reference
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For teachers teaching in multimedia, general projector light to bring harm to their eyes is very great. Therefore, teachers in order to avoid the glare of the projector light, often back to the students to lecture. This will produce in the classroom with the students a sense of distance, and teachers are often the bodys shadow will be projected onto the screen above the classroom affect student learning. The four launched the Epson projector, the use of special design, all with ultra-short projection distance function, EB-450Wi/450W to 59 inches in 7.1 cm projection screen, EB-460i/460 able 7.6 63-inch projection screen centimeter, far beyond the market of similar products. Epson Short Throw technology effectively avoid the projected image of the barrel distortion, image corners sharper, better presentation.
CSX series of products as natural as fine in workmanship, so you impeccable. Source and its unique creative process is the one bright spot painting, better than previous products, beauty and intensity. Second, the case of the lotus petal patterns carved shape, set off a cross, the Celtic history of religious culture during the shows head, giving a solemn and sacred feeling. In appearance, it is not a complex modification, but it is so beautiful. Sapphire blue color, combined with the significance of special pattern on the chassis to the chassis added a bit rich and beautiful temperament. Designers of the lotus petals and a wonderful combination of the cross, reflecting the special relationship with the religion, so that myth and religion to the context. Reflects the wealth of the Meaning of the chassis of the United States.

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