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Quarter Xiaowen said that for domestic users, the priority is to strengthen the management of the data center, reducing data center management costs. It is understood that, for many users, but the management of equipment cost more than one server, the user is difficult to accept, the problem is that the user does not calculate the cost of management, in fact, manage the equipment costs are not high imagination, to KVM, for example, to approximate the average cost of a single server, only need 2000 to 3,000 yuan, serial devices is lower. For MergePoint, the 5224 and 5240 models, the function of the switch itself, the management interface can be separated with the network interface area, greatly simplifying management. It should be noted that, despite the MergePoint or IPMI control is the first card through the server connection control, but it is still a band connection.
HP and EDS combined turnover last year over 38 billion U.S. dollars and employs over 21 people, operating more than eighty countries tentacles. But the scale is bigger does not necessarily mean stronger. Two companies to integrate business and corporate culture, not an easy thing. Moreover, even if the new company after the merger integration successfully completed, keep up competition, IBM is still a long, hard way to go. Under the merger deal, EDS will manage a new business unit, called the name of EDS, the current EDS CEO Ronald Rittenmeyer still at the helm. Awful deal from the start to get support for HP shareholders, and June 30 be approved by the competent authorities of the United States, July 26 re-release of the European authorities.

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