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Part No. : LM199AH
Description : Precision Reference
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Manufacturer : Linear Technology
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In the J2ME mobile phone development process, the need to draw the color often used to enhance the performance of the program effect, the following describes how to use color. J2ME technology is relatively simple because, so the color does not implement a special class, but only to represent the concept of using the RGB color. Briefly outline the concept of RGB, the color of red, green and blue primary colors form, so you can use a combination of these three colors to represent a specific color, in which R, G, B values are located in each 0-255. When in the expression of color, which can be expressed using three numbers, you can use a format such as 0X00RRGGBB expressed in hexadecimal format, the following expression is a common form of color: Red: or 0x00FF0000 Green: or 0x0000FF00 Blue: or 0x00FFFFFF know after the expression of color, here to introduce how to use color in the J2ME program, the methods involved are in the Graphics class, there are the following: 1.getColor : get the current use of color, the return value is 0x00RRGGBB digital format. For example: int color = g.getColor; where g is an object of type Graphics.
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