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Part No. : LM1875
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Manufacturer : Unisonic Technologies
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So, if you disdain and said: not that the design of a component? This is what is difficult! So, hey I will smile, because I know you must be kidding. However, do not be afraid, "Oh, programmers need to explore the spirit!" If we design a WEB visual control, and constitute a part of WEB pages, you can inherit the Control class or WebControl class. If it is a non-visual control, can inherit Component, inherited the design of such controls will not appear on the page, but appears in the Component Tray. Remember OpenFileDialog controls? File Open dialog box that appears in the Component Tray control is in the control. If we are only on the basis of the existing control enhancements, you inherit the existing control it. Suppose we want to design a component that only allows the user to enter numbers, the validation should naturally be placed in the client, client-side validation scripts can be written like this: META Content = "Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0" script language = "javascript"
Crystal Core technology enable a new Chinese brand "core strength", the Chinese had been using the brand name "Crystal Core" will no longer be used. Currently on the market using the "Crystal Core" Chinese brands of inventory after all sales, "Crystal Core" of the Chinese brand name will be history. In addition, the change in the Chinese brand name, GoldenMars the English brand global registration remains unchanged. Apacer 1GB DDR2-667 notebook memory packaging Apacer 1GB DDR2-667 notebook memory with a new version of packaging, before the whole anti-static transparent plastic packaging, and now with the Green Paper, even more exquisite workmanship. Apacer 1GB DDR2-667 notebook memory look Apacer 1GB DDR2-667 notebook memory PCB board design with dark green, equipped with 16 double-sided capacity of 64MB of DDR2 memory particles. Workmanship and materials of the memory quite place, the alignment clearly.

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