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Part No. : LM150K
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Manufacturer : STMicroelectronics
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case Canvas.LEFT: / / Left case Canvas RIGHT: / / right, this is the most commonly used MIDP1.0 key approach. But no matter how excellent this way, it still can not shake off the shackles of keyPressed method. This will be three types of game programming in logic: delay, response to user actions, re-drawn, isolated off, respectively, in the user threads and system threads in the. To address this deficiency, MIDP2.0 within the GameCanvas introduced a new event handling mechanism for key state. Key state variable of a system to record the phone via a keyboard and game actions on each key, the key is pressed if the corresponding bit is set to 1, and 0 otherwise, then you can get through the bit operation which key is pressed. Note: The key status of the GameCanvas only in MIDP2.0 which subclass to use, and can only deal with the keys and game-related. If you support this treatment approach to the game key, it will not be received in the keyPressed method, and games related to the keys, other keys can also be normal reception response.
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