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LM1117MP-2.5 Datasheet | Linear Technology
Part No. : LM1117MP-2.5
Description : Low Power Op Amp and Reference
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Page Number : 16
Manufacturer : Linear Technology
File Size : 787 Kb

LM1117MP-2.5 Article About

Comparison of the authority of the loopholes in the international databases and indexes are SECURITYFOCUS, CVE, OSVDB, the most authoritative and comprehensive vulnerability database is when the number of Chinese NSFOCUS. SECURITYFOCUSs vulnerability database from BUGTRAQ, currently contains over 10,000 entries; CVE vulnerability database is not in itself, it is a uniform numbering system for the same vulnerability, now contains over 7000 entries; OSVDB is an open source recently published vulnerability database currently contains over 8000 entries; domestic NSFOCUS database currently contains over 6000 entries. In these vulnerabilities, most of which is a local vulnerability, not the list of candidates for NIDS testing, the remote can use loopholes in the list of candidates, some too difficult without a real use of the availability of, and some of the software amount too small, too old for the current loopholes and some have been virtually non-existent, and some use patterns existing NIDS detection technology can not achieve through layers of screening to detect the real worth NIDS vulnerabilities that is orders of magnitude of about 1000. Of course, the manufacturers of products according to their positioning NIDS may be added to the network monitoring intrusion detection is not the class rules, a variety of services such as user login, the user to perform certain operations, etc., but these will not be the main component of the rules . So why some companies claims to have thousands of rules? In fact the rules seem a lot more time does not mean that the number of NIDSs detection ability, because the complexity of NIDS technology products, the situation may be just the opposite, possibly several reasons:
SL version is available by artist, album, etc. and manage MP3 files, create playlists, self-ordering, updating music library, will not occur again in the past "M3", etc. The track display occasional confusion and user point but after playing the song the phenomenon appears confused. SL version of the chip has been changed to the master + Samsung Wolfson DAC architecture, and M6 of the Philips audio decoding and presented very different sense of hearing. SL version of the treble, bass, both hardware audio gain adjustment down to 8 the past, only three adjustable high-frequency products. And from the lyrics in the SL version of the treble will feel the performance more transparent and really refreshing, but the bass has been weakened. SL edition retains Spatializer Audio, a total of 3D virtual, such as natural and normal mode of the optional headset, the audio consists of 3D Virtual 9 adjustment, phase adjustment to correct balance of 9, the virtual low-frequency gain of 9 regulation. Optional ear type speakers, headphones or speakers, SL version can output power and speaker impedance can be adjusted to optimize the configuration. SL version of the sliding touch control volume, the volume limit function is still preserved.

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