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LH1540AAB Datasheet | Vishay Siliconix
Part No. : LH1540AAB
Description : 1 Form A Solid State Relay
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Page Number : 8
Manufacturer : Vishay Siliconix
File Size : 183 Kb

LH1540AAB Article About

DSP-based multi-core devices to easily respond to their voice and video between devices challenge for the title LSI announced, LSITM SP2603 and SP2612 StarPro awarded multi-core system on chip issued by EN-Genius Network "2008 Media Processor Product" award. EN-Genius Network established in 2003 "Product of the Year" award to recognize outstanding all fields of technology technology, recognition of those who have a strong technological advantages, innovative design and exceptional marketability of new products. EN-Genius Network senior editor Lee Goldberg said: "As the LSI DSP media processor family based on the latest products, SP2600 advanced platform architecture allows equipment manufacturers to highly flexible, low-cost products to meet demand for voice and video between devices, thus greatly enhance the media processing speed, significantly reducing cost and power consumption. "
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