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Part No. : LH1529AB
Description : Telecom Switch - 1 Form A Solid State Relay
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Page Number : 7
Manufacturer : Vishay Siliconix
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Board adopted a mature phase power design, equipped with a closed filter inductance and capacitance and a large number of mixed-mode solid-state capacitors, to ensure the stability of CPU power. Motherboard provides four DIMM memory slots supporting dual channel DDR2 800 memory specifications, and to distinguish the color difference between two-channel. SATA2 motherboard provides four interfaces. High-quality motherboard integrated GMA3100 graphic core, to the mainstream of current online games provide a good support. It also provides a PCI-E x16 graphics slot for easy future upgrades to use. The mainboard provides 4 USB interfaces, the integrated graphics core, it also provides a VGA display output port. The mainboard provides a Gigabit Ethernet interface and 8-channel HD audio output. Edit Comment: Elite G33T-M2 motherboard makers work still reflects the strength of first-line, for example, used in some high-capacity power supply filter capacitor, and solid capacitors mix and match patterns, pragmatic design ensures great stability of CPU power. Although the board did not use all solid-state power supply gorgeous, better cost control. The design also prudent to provide ease of use to consumers.

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