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LH1503AB Datasheet | Vishay Siliconix
Part No. : LH1503AB
Description : 2 Form A Solid State Relay
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Page Number : 9
Manufacturer : Vishay Siliconix
File Size : 191 Kb

LH1503AB Article About

In this regard, the safety net provided by the Royal Shenzhou products, security management, security services three major business segments, focuses on information security technology and products, the overall trend, the introduction of a comprehensive response to network threats and vulnerabilities of programs, products and services, the information minimize the risk. Their excellent product and technology leadership to continue to reelection in the domestic market, "the first security management, firewall, the second" position. Its three business segments complementary products, seamless, effective coordination, swords customers Combination three-dimensional effort to build a comprehensive security system for public oversight of power through the smooth implementation of the network to provide a solid all-weather protection.
UTM gateways use with the network management system to achieve access control protocol based on 802.1x/EOU other than the business processes to achieve clear and reliable, with fewer links, users only need to purchase a small amount of UTM devices are deployed to the network using transparent key nodes Department, to achieve a comprehensive access control, and the original business process the user does not have any impact. DHCP-based control, ARP spoofing, DNS hijacking than access control, UTM access control more powerful, more comprehensive, end-users in any case could not break through or bypass the access control. For example, in the use of UTM as a VPN gateway, the implementation of the access of mobile users access control system for the entire VPN for better security measures, while achieving the internal network users and VPN users manage and access control. In addition, UTM device can also be based on the security situation in the terminal automatically configure the appropriate security policy, as in the terminal does not meet certain safety requirements to open up its access to fix the case to the server.

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