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Part No. : LH0070-1H
Description : Precision 10V Reference
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Page Number : 12
Manufacturer : Linear Technology
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It is noteworthy that, in 2005, in the field of information security that we have made considerable progress. In the joint efforts of researchers, was born in China with independent intellectual property rights of a group of information security products. Has been basically formed with the operating system, database systems, middleware, the core office suite as the basis of independent software system, breaking the monopoly of transnational corporations. Rate of self-developed software applications for more than 60% in the financial, fiscal, taxation, electricity, telecommunications, health care, social insurance, transportation and other major national information technology project has been widely used.
Responsibility for the implementation of the budget, you can change the management model, the right to delegate budget responsibility, budget responsibility in the management, the assessment of the degree of realization of its objectives. In addition, the implementation of the budget management process, a series of budget information generated feedback report on the budget information for processing, finishing and refining, the formation of management reports for business decision-makers to provide decision support information. The other is the homogenization of the companys mergers and acquisitions, such as the two companies is very similar to the business needs of the market combination. Similar to the human resource structure, the two companies merge, often in some sectors there will be surplus staff. Hence the need for optimization of human resources, M & A process is often accompanied by personnel adjustments. Prior to this acquisition generally, the original two companies will coordinate. Streamlining of personnel, the company often will give employees a raise. First, because the same positions after the merger the new companys employees greater responsibility than the original, because the number may not change but the work of the task increased. Second, the company personnel will cause employees to streamline the unstable state of mind, help employees pay stable state of mind, peace of mind work; again, employees will pay more confidence in the enterprise, downsizing is not because the company does not have the strength and future but because so many people do not need.

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