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Part No. : LF398MX
Description : Sample/Track-and-Hold Amplifier
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W302P using the most advanced wireless networking technology - IEEE 802.11n standard. Support "multiple input, multiple output" technology, can keep the wireless connectivity range than standard IEEE 802.11g little four, and if both ends of the connection are the words of 802.11n equipment, MIMO technology can use twice as much radio band to increase current produce the equivalent of three times the standard 802.11g speeds. In addition the product can be very good backward compatible with IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11b compliant equipment. The product is a gain of 1.8dBi external two detachable antennas, the maximum power up to 20dBi.
Plasma Professional Committee Office Yang Xi Yang today to bits net revealed, plasma TV blind test experience activities in April 2007 in Shanghais Pudong New Area, Greentown garden started, and then in Beijing, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Chengdu and other places well-known community , department stores and other places to carry out. Number of participants in each activity were more than 200 people or more. "PDP marketing blind test results available to describe the unexpected success." Yang Xi Yang said that the Commission has been receiving plasma professional call from consumers across the country that expects to buy flat-panel television on the occasion, to get professional team objective authoritative guidance and explanations, to avoid the shopping blind. "Sometimes even that is directly altered the original plan to buy some consumers."

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