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According to Ministry of Industry and Communications from January to December 2008, statistics show that domestic communications market to maintain steady growth, new broadband users in China added 17.01 million over last year, the total number of users reached 83.425 million, the number of users continue to steady and rapid growth. With the social progress, sustained and steady economic development, government and the enterprises in the information put on the construction and renovation increases every year, telecom operators in NGN / IP bearer network construction to speed up the network equipment market is beginning to show healthy and rapid growth. Accompanied by the development of networks, and improve all kinds of broadband applications beginning to mature, is the gradual deepening of enterprise network applications, which in turn further promote the development of the network equipment market. In 2008, Philip Communications, to seize this market opportunity, quickly landing the full potential of the terminal communications market, is committed to providing ALL IP data communications network solution. Its business covers the Router, LAN Switch, WLAN, Security VPN, Data VAS, Integra "Striking achievements of you and me - Fiji Communications, FS8000 Series switches new conference" held in Beijing. Fiji news conference, according to the latest information shows the market demand for its R & D FreeSwitch 8000 series switches, and other network new products. President Gu Guoping Fei Communications, said the FS8000 is currently higher cost of green environmental protection series switches.
VSTOR C316IN have a high degree of friendliness and convenience. From creating RAID, volume low level configuration, to iSCSI, NAS application configuration, the user GUI management interface according to the instructions to complete. VSTOR real-time monitoring module that continuously monitors system health and status of data processing and graphical results on the management interface. For example, when a disk drive failure, VSTOR can affect business continuity in the premise of not automatically rebuild the array. If other components fail, or the safety of some of the parameters exceeds a preset threshold, the system can immediately via email, beep means the power to notify the system administrator:

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