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LF256J Datasheet | LEM
Part No. : LF256J
Description : Current Transducer LF 2005-S
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Page Number : 2
Manufacturer : LEM
File Size : 71 Kb

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Recently, Ericsson and Finnish operator Elisas 3G network, in which the successful launch of the uplink HSPA technology. Uplink HSPA) enables 1.4 Mbps data transfer rate, is a traditional 3G networks more than three times the data rate. If the business to a higher bit rate can enhance the end-user experience of mobile broadband services, such as video conferencing, file sharing, send e-mail with attachments. Elisa Panu Lehti, Executive Vice President, said: "We will further accelerate the realization of Internet business customers and mobile applications, such as the use uplink HSPA technology." Janne Laitala, President of Ericsson Finland, says: "uplink HSPA HSPA Evolution technology is on the road an important milestone, we are pleased to work with Elisa to take that step. With online communities and video sharing service launches, higher upstream rate for these services add a new dimension of mobility. "

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