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Canon CEO Fujio Mitarai has claimed that: "Since we can not reduce production costs, so the iron-in LCD technology has been discarded." However, he told a press conference a reporter, the second time to enter the flat panel display market will be more good returns. Canons display business strategy to re-launch a proprietary rely on another technology called surface-conduction electron emission-type display. Compared with the TFT, this technology allows the display size is smaller, lower power consumption. In 1999, Canon and Toshiba work together to develop SED flat-panel displays. Canon is currently the SED display technology into the TV.
Information industry in Shanghai has been one of the fastest growing industries. Annual output value grew by 49%. End of 2000, annual production value of the information industry and operating income reached 103.1 billion yuan, accounting for the citys GDP, was 7.4%. In the next five years to 2005, the Shanghai Composite Index has the information to a leading position, the city information center of the whole city reaches or exceeds the average level of developed countries, China and the Asia Pacific regions most prosperous city in the information economy of the one. This international conference and exhibition held in Shanghai will help introduce international advanced technology and management experience, to attract the worlds leading enterprises in Shanghai to develop. To ensure the smooth progress of the General Assembly, Computer Technology Co., Ltd. Shanghai Yi Weis PC as a special full-service supplier to the meeting. Yi Wei computer was selected as large-scale international academic conferences in the computer trade, on behalf of the Shanghai Information Industry of the local new image.

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