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Must first be clear, what is the real face of the IDS product Gigabit network environment. Unlike IDS products as a gateway products, the way it uses the bypass network deployed in the users environment, the detection of the protected network of all upstream and downstream data, the most typical and most common way is to use the switch mirror . The mirror port is mirrored over the network data is protected two-way data networks, Gigabit Ethernet uplink data and downlink data can be achieved 1000Mb up or down as long as the 500Mb of data, respectively, the mirror port of the network traffic to reach the thousands of Zhao speed, while the Gigabit IDS promotional products industry are working alone with a single card, which is bound to create publicity 500Mb Gigabit IDS can only be deployed in the following network environment.
High-performance thermal cooling technology, including research methods and more efficient performance and better thermal cooling devices, such as HP PARSEC architecture, IBMs computer room cooling systems. Memory-based refrigeration equipment refrigeration means the storage part of the pre-cooling capacity, when necessary and effective in the release, similar to the storage battery power functions, such as IBM-based storage room cooling technology cooling solutions. Liquid cooling technology, including water and liquid metal cooling, because of its thermal conductivity and heat capacity greater ability, to ease the load faster heat stress caused by mutations in and absorb more heat, the use of mainframe computers in the current increasingly common such as the IBM CoolBlue cabinet system.

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