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Part No. : LC4384V-75F256-10I
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Page Number : 4
Manufacturer : Microsemi Corporation
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Chassis provides four bits and a floppy drive bit, the lower part of providing a 6 disk storage, very good scalability. To prevent the leakage of electromagnetic waves, to prevent radiation, the health of the operator so as to provide a guarantee. Wind guide cover 38 degrees on a chassis is required, it can quickly exhaust CPU fan blowing hot air outside the chassis. Maxim clouds ordinary ATX power supply compatible with 601 chassis, the rear to provide two fan-bit to install the fan, creating a cooling air duct of science, bottom of the chassis provide up to seven board extended position to facilitate the users to expand a variety of devices. Edit Comment: Maxim clouds with 601 black and silver chassis, showing the product elegant and dignified, it is suitable for mature people who choose. Chassis front panel power switch and RESET button, prominent characteristics, the error does not occur at the situation wrong. 188 price, price outstanding.

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