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Part No. : LC4032V-75T44-10I
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Manufacturer : Microsemi Corporation
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The first is the cost factor, ADSL2 + unit cost of 400 yuan, while the unit cost of FTTH, although in recent years has decreased greatly, but still 2,000 to 3,000 yuan, the gap between the two is still more obvious; the second of resources, existing resources from the telecommunications point of view, copper network and the promotion of fixed-line business has experienced a long-term construction process, relatively abundant copper resources, but if you want to achieve FTTH, cable current resources can not meet million / million level of the users development needs, the last mile of fiber optic cable projects will also need to spend some time; the third is business-driven, relative FTTH can provide high bandwidth, the current lack of appropriate operators killer business, IPTV is still in the initial stage, the public users are not very high bandwidth dependent, FTTH is also a lack of application of the relative basis.
Dr. cooling fan in the country starting with 9232 series of professional radiator, which located in the Core 2 platform, and with mute feature radiator from the market for a striker to the concern by many consumers, the main reason is the low price a good cooling solution to the perfect support for Core 2 Duo processor. 9232 fan is a patented technology, its meaning is 92.32mm patent round cooling fan. Familiar with the DIY players all know, large-diameter low-speed fan can ensure the air flow at the same time effectively reduce the noise generated, and 9232 patents is in the radiator volume, air volume, and noise control, etc. to achieve a perfect balance . Dr. Archer is a heat sink copper inlay LGA775 Core Duo dedicated radiator, the overall product design process by sunflowers, with patented fan technology. Both silent and performance can achieve the desired results. The overall size of the radiator 110X110X83mm, speed around 2200RPM, the product uses patented technology fan, cooling fan air flow capacity not only 40.5CFM winds, there is such a low 19dBA quiet characteristics.

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