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LB1335AAR Datasheet | LEM
Part No. : LB1335AAR
Description : Current Transducer LB 1000-SI/SP2
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Page Number : 2
Manufacturer : LEM
File Size : 32 Kb

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Depends mainly on the reliability of the network resources to achieve redundancy. As the construction boom in the last few years the global ATM most large carriers have built a relatively complete their own ATM network, ATM network so multiple routes of transmission are largely redundant line network are able to meet the reliability requirements. Signaling through the ATM network and routing system in the ATM network within the trunk is interrupted, and now ATM / FR PVC DDN-based circuit simulation can be through automatic switching / protection business circuit circuitous route. However, many types of products as ATM, at least not well implemented yet heterogeneous ATM circuits automatically switch between networks / circuitous route. The traditional circuit-based cross-connect circuits are generally not available DDN circuit automatically switch / circuitous routing capabilities, it can rely on SDH ring provides circuit protection, but can not get rid of DDN equipment failure caused by a single point of network equipment failure.
As a 3.5-inch GPS navigation device, Malata PG-3503 this is no place too much attention, but lower prices are making it cost-effective machine with the title, the current price of this product are close to freezing, distribution 1480 yuan price quotation. Malata PG-3503 Car GPS compact body, simple design, the aircraft is equipped with 3.5-inch LCD screen with a resolution of 320 240 pixels, the control of navigation can all rely on the stylus or finger touch. Malata PG-3503 Car GPS with Centrality All 300MHz processor, with Windows CE5.0 operating system, with 1GB flash memory and 64MB SDRAM, and supports SD / MMC expansion memory. Most navigation systems on the market is different from Malata PG-3503 Car GPS with SIGE SE4110L GPS chip. In terms of navigation map, and Nokia car navigation systems similar to the same high with a genuine German map.

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