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Part No. : LB11961
Description : Current Transducer LB 1000-SI/SP2
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Page Number : 2
Manufacturer : LEM
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To solve the above problems, in September 2007, Guizhou Mobile invited the worlds major manufacturers and three of three well-known process platform system integrators for a BPM performance evaluation work to determine the next move in Guizhou 3 to 5 years of BPM software development requirements and start building a new generation of EOMS system. According to reports, in the test, the three systems integrators to use a different process on the same hardware platform, network, test cases, respectively 100 concurrent users, 200 concurrent users and 500 concurrent users of high-pressure test. The two international processes to take the test platform for manufacturers of their products with the concurrent increase in the number there are varying degrees of abnormal and lost a single case, only the general element of the zero-error process platform through all the stress tests. During the test, with its outstanding performance indicators, Primeton SOA process platform BPS was chosen as the underlying core business operations support system platform.
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