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LB11847 Datasheet | Sanyo Semicon Device
Part No. : LB11847
Description : PWM Current Control Type Stepping Motor Driver
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Page Number : 16
Manufacturer : Sanyo Semicon Device
File Size : 113 Kb

LB11847 Article About

After careful re-examination and found that load balancing Pool of the Persistence Type to None, that server is not connected. In this way, each server-side event is triggered, it will lead to "ViewState value has been truncated." So the value of the Persistence Type to Simple, Timeout set to 600 seconds. Programmer not only to written procedures, but also proper understanding of the system. This problem will not necessarily be frequently encountered, as a problem-solving ideas for all to share. Appendix: general load balancing process designed to ensure the continuation of three places. First start the load balancing, and then set the "Enable Connection Rebind" is true. Last Persistence Type is set to Simple plus general timeout.
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