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LA7952 Datasheet | Sanyo Semicon Device
Part No. : LA7952
Description : Video Switch for TV/VCR Use
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Page Number : 4
Manufacturer : Sanyo Semicon Device
File Size : 77 Kb

LA7952 Article About

- Low power consumption, less heat - lower operating costs - RoHS lead-free standards - extending product life 1, the switch port if there is no cable connection or not a data transmission, the switch will still supply power to the free port, making the The port has been at work, wasting power energy, but also reduces the life of real work the port. 2, generally the maximum Ethernet cable transmission distance is 100m, the port power supply switch to 100m transmission distance is the power to calculate the time available. Often users typically use Ethernet cable from no more than 20m, then the other part of the power of 80 meters and is wasted. D-Link Green energy-saving switch for the two parts is a waste of energy to optimize the design of environmental protection: 1, green energy switch will automatically detect the port status, if a port is idle, or not connected to other network devices without data exchange, green The port will automatically switch into "sleep mode" to reduce the ports power to save energy
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