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According to Metro Ethernet Forum Carrier Ethernet vertically divided into the three-tier structure, each layer should have its own OAM capabilities. Ethernet OAM functions should be independent layer in the upper applications such as IP layer or the underlying transmission technologies such as SDH, so that different technologies can be used to provide Ethernet services. Each layer OAM functions can be mutually reinforcing, and provide good fault and performance management. Now IEEE802, ITU-TSG13/15 and MEF and other standards organizations are working closely and continuously developed to meet the requirements of carrier-grade Ethernet OAM new standard, the current main concern is the work of fault management and performance management.
This should give Yahoo a few worry about the next 10 years, the fate of the search advertising market will be completely tied to Microsoft technology, people can find a little peace of mind. You know, almost 10 years in the Internet world and so the same century. According to ComScores statistics, in June this year, Yahoo and Microsofts market share in the U.S. were 28%, Google 65%. The average unit revenue, the Associated Press quoted the results of Microsofts internal estimates, Yahoo is about 4.3 cents to 3.9 cents Microsoft, Googles average unit revenue was up 7 cents. As expected, Yahoo declined to be quoted the exact number of exceptions. Microsoft, after completion of the transaction will be 18 months, Yahoo will provide the unit revenue guarantee. Therefore, in this period, and trading for 5 years, Yahoo Google, according to revenue performance relative to re-evaluate whether to continue to cooperate before the exception may not enabled.

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