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Part No. : LA73054
Description : 70 & LA 3000 Series of .3
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IP fragment reassembly and TCP stream re, IntruShield on the captured data packets IP fragment reassembly and TCP stream reassembly of data, and then after the reorganization of data packets for analysis. This technology is important because malicious code, hackers will sometimes multiple packets which were placed to evade IDS detection, and then attack the system, once this packet arrives at the destination host, they will be restored as malicious code on the system damage. IntruShield can arrive before the packets are re-combination of these packets, if malicious code were found to exist, will promptly discarded. Protocol analysis, Intruvert detailed analysis of the company frequently used on the Internet some of the key agreement protocol to ensure the detection IntruShield attack success rate can be maintained at a very high level on this protocol analysis for detecting buffer overflow attacks are very effective . Traffic normalization, the online mode, IntruShield also provides a standardized communications capabilities, this feature can prevent any communication of unknown origin, which means that the communication be accepted IntruShield system are accepted and protected communication terminal exactly the same. In addition, IntruShield system will remove any clear agreement, remove any possible real-time threat data packets to protect end systems, this technology can effectively communicate the standard IDS technology to prevent any fraud, but also can greatly enhance the accuracy of attack detection sex. This important feature is also called Scrubbing, IntruShield system using this technology can prevent hackers Fingerprinting host system.
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