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Manufacturer : STMicroelectronics
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CDN service providers integrated many of todays technology system, all subject to two CDN providers in the world today, that Akamai and technical infrastructure of Limelight. The Internet as a century, Chinas largest Internet infrastructure services provider, has 14 self-built in the country, associates gathered data centers and eight major operators the only network resources. Application of the domestic network interconnection have a more profound understanding of, and thus better able to grasp the needs of customers CDN.. According to the existing framework of the Internet, based on the Akamai and Limelight CDN service providers two technical analysis, Century Internet in line with Chinas national conditions to build a CDN network, CDN quality of service no longer makes the number of nodes is the determining factor. This is also the century Internet CDN CDN service providers and other domestic one of the biggest differences. Limelight nodes in accordance with the construction of this architecture concepts and Century Internet BGP network established CDN network infrastructure, with data capture and distribution of rapid, large node set coverage, user access to rapid response characteristics.

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