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Part No. : L9935
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Manufacturer : STMicroelectronics
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Many products on the market and the lack of individual differences, the price is relatively low, can only meet the needs of configuration, but can not meet individual needs. Clearly, as the market further matures, the use of graphics products will become increasingly prominent personality, which brought a huge market space. For many of those in terms of installed capacity, out of the integrity of applications and requirements, they may not consider the integrated graphics platform, but will select those from high-cost low-end graphics display system composed of single platform. At the same time, very unique in China, the graphics card market, the cottage card, public board package ...... long-term vision is full of domestic consumers, "price" as general indicators of the users are most concerned about.
Check the routers filter settings, particularly to check the use of wildcards and the possibility of blocking the backup route routing or load sharing filter items. Four reasons: WAN port router connected to WAN link failure. Comprehensive inspection of the network all the documentation for the configuration of the subnet mask. Check the routers timer in the different protocol configuration parameters are correct, and the default of these timers compared to the value, especially in the network router using a different vendor equipment is particularly important. A.1.14 Symptom: the client an intermittent network connection problems

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