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Manufacturer : STMicroelectronics
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HIDS is very high technical requirements, requires the development of related enterprises HIDS operating system is very understanding, and the probe installed on the host must be very reliable, the system takes a small, self-security is better, otherwise it will have a negative impact on the system. HIDS concern is to get to host a variety of security threats, is not concerned about network security. Closely with the operating system because of HIDS, the United States and other developed countries are strictly controlled for HIDS technology, and carry out the HIDS system alone R & D costs are very high, so the domestic companies specializing in HIDS is very small. The domestic market only to see the HIDS product: Polytechnic precedent of the "Golden Dolphin", CAs eTrust, East Ma HIDS, the dawn of a handful of other products GodEye, and to support the Solaris operating system are basically , Linux, Wondows 2000 a very small few.
Qiheng X1650GT 256MB capacity, equipped with memory, video card default rate up to 600/1300MHz, so that the frequency of even reach the X1650XT level. The card arrived in the price of 399 yuan, compared with the price of DirectX 10 graphics cards offer a more excellent performance of 3D game play is a great value entry-level graphics card market. Qiheng X1650GT graphics card based on 80 nanometer process, the card has 24 pixel shader processors, 8 vertex shaders, support directx9.0C, OpenGL2.0 the HDR + AA as well as exclusive special effects, and to the perfect realization of Windows vista Aero Glass 3D user interface and sharp head ATI AVIVO unique technology to provide better HDTV playback.

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