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The rapid development of Internet applications today, people growing demand surge on the network, whether home or business, not limit the terminal operators, shared Internet access has become a consensus. Todays network environment has been previously wired network to wireless, cable combination; by the need to meet the needs of a single simple Internet routing, and bandwidth management to focus on expansion of the Internet multi-purpose routing. Present a wide variety of routers on the market, consumers have to start with a dazzling array of products to choose? Appearance, speed, stability, security, the price is the most important evaluation criteria. As the wireless network information solutions, leading manufacturers - Communication Equipment Co., Ltd. Beijing Oriental Thailand and Asia, the brand launched its SuperBee bee SR150 all-speed router as a user choice. The product is ingenious, the 3G, Wi-Fi, broadband multi-functional integration of the family, by the small and medium sized businesses and home users welcome and love.
If the end-user revenue of $ 32,500,000 included the words, Nokias market share in Q1 was 34.7% year on year market share was 34.4%, sold 33.5 million mobile phones, Nokias sales decreased 2.9%. Gartner Dataquest Europe, said Ben Wood, senior analyst, this is Nokias strategy to expand market share without sacrificing profit, Nokias market share is almost twice that of competitors, the performance is still quite excellent. The second largest Motorola, 1st quarter market share from last year to 13.6% to 15.5%, Samsungs market share from Q1 last year, 6.2% to 9.6%, Siemens 6.8% market share but also by the rose to 8.8%. Mobile phone sales in Q1 of this year reached $ 93,800,000, down 3.8% over last year, the main Yinxi Ou, South America sales declined. Gartne Analysts said Asia-Pacific region except Japan, the mobile phone industry sales are growing 12% growth compared to the previous year. Chinese New Years promotional activities, South Korea, the informal market, the sale of business units led the sales.

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