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Part No. : L6911D
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Manufacturer : STMicroelectronics
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In order to ensure the security of user data, confidential meeting content, H3C set for the product-specific security measures. Such as the device administrator can set a different user name and password to a different user name and password to see the user interface is different from the scope of management is also different, in order to fully ensure the security of the system and meetings. H3C video system protocol development based on international standards, has a good open and interoperability, which is the Gold Group, an important reason for selection H3C products. At the same time, with excellent performance, processing power, rich business functions, the characteristics of intimate business, a video system that not only can fully meet the China National Gold Group video conferencing systems for the needs of more users with a new video experience.
"And the industrys most innovative companies for long-term and stable cooperation has always been the strategic focus of Nokia," Nokia Networks, said Juha Carlson, General Manager. "Our goal is to help open, advanced and high quality products, solutions and services to achieve superior customer value. The Red Hat and Red Hat Enterprise Linux is built on the cooperation of Nokia to open ecosystems and the accumulated experience and technology based on input. "Nokia will work with Red Hat on carrier-grade server platform, it is widely used as the underlying structure of all new Nokia products. Nokia will focus its FlexiPlatform platform, and be completed this year Red Hat Enterprise Linux integrated with the hardware platform.

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