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Just from the technical perspective, the current FTTH technology has become more sophisticated, manageability, scalability network operators can achieve the requirements, but still exists in the actual deployment in a variety of issues, which is currently the major obstacle to advancing FTTH . Promoting the "light into the copper," and ultimately achieve FTTH would be a long process, in the future within a longer period of time should still be in accordance with Shanghai Telecom FTTx + ADSL2 + / VDSL2 broadband access to the construction of model networks. PON technology available in the early part of a high bandwidth for high-end users business needs, or small and medium enterprises with a relatively dense areas, as xDSL supplement to make up for deficiencies in these areas xDSL. Through the gradual building process, generally caused by the high bandwidth requirements and construction costs decline, Shanghai Telecom users consider FTTH for public access way.
ASUS Triton 75 heatsink fins large area of the tower using oversized aluminum radiator cooling fins designed, pure copper base with four copper heat pipes, constitute the entire cooling system. Because copper has good thermal conductivity, so the base part and the heat pipe, using a copper structure. And because the characteristics of aluminum with heat dissipation and low cost, and therefore large heat sink on the use of aluminum materials. Because it is a full platform of the radiator, thus providing an AM2 clip, LGA775 Button, and provides additional fan clip and product brochures, and other base Button Edit Comment: ASUS Triton 75 cooler part of the mainstream platform positioning "Poseidon" series, this product is suitable for the whole platform architecture to facilitate future upgrades platform consumers the reasons for replacing the radiator. Combination of copper and aluminum design with large cooling fins, is ideal for consumers to build high-end platform.

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