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Manufacturer : STMicroelectronics
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Other configuration options: We also tested the off Ident lookup key for the workload and the delivery mode to use SharedMem. The role of these small, but we assume they are in a real scenario might be more important. We do very little Linux installation requirements change, it is basically the standard Red Hat 7.1 and with standard kernel.org 2.4.4 kernel. We identified a number of network problems, but changed after a simple run-time configuration has solved these problems. Note: We do not try to network syslog program. For the load balancer program, we tried to run a balanced Alteon 180 equipment and a dedicated Linux server software. We are a host of factors one by one to adjust important to find the optimal configuration Sendmail configuration. By using the results of this test, we get the optimum configuration, and use it for other different cluster configurations.

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