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Manufacturer : STMicroelectronics
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The starting of the two products are Inspiron XPS M1710 and Inspiron XPS M1210, mainly for gamers, PC enthusiasts and other users. Products are now available in the domestic market, the price of 24,999 yuan and 9,999 yuan. According to reports, M1710 is Dells fastest notebook computer, a special edition Formula Red or heavy metal panel and the color black, Intel Core Duo processor, NVIDIA 512MB GeForce Go 7900 GTX graphics, up to 4G of memory, and specialized technology support team. It is the starting weight of 3.99 kg, the use of aluminum-magnesium alloy reinforced RoadReady chassis. The product is equipped with widescreen UXGA TrueLife 17 Ying Cun brightness increased by 30%.
Motorola Dvi3000 interactive set-top box is an advanced platform that supports the use of DOCSIS / Euro-DOCSIS and ALOHA return real-time two-way communication protocol for real-time video on demand, Internet access and simple TV interactive services such as electronic program guides provide the means. Motorola took the lead in the industry have launched the first wireless cable modem gateway products SBG1000, while it is in SBG1000 SBG900 based on the successful launch. SBG900 designed for broadband users to enjoy wireless Internet access at home to provide a simple way to fun. SBG900 SURFboard cable modem using the integrated technology, while both high-speed Internet access, networking and security performance. Motorola believes that with the growing number of small enterprises in China, the products in the Chinese market has great potential. As Motorolas flagship product - SURFboard Cable Modem family of new members, SB5100 uses the latest DOCSIS 2.0-based technology is more than the previous generations of improved product performance, processor speed by 43%. SB5100 not only supports standard HTML browser, but also supports USB or Ethernet 10/100 interface, it can be said to be a cross-platform products.

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