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Manufacturer : STMicroelectronics
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Technology development and market demand calls for a new product, called high-performance personal computers, the concept has long been proposed, but until recently, only appeared on the market a real product, for example, tyan typhoon series , Vxtech the PersonalClus-ter. From the firms reaction, we are aware of the SME market will be an important growth point, IBM and HP hope to use the consideration for the interests of low-end blade to cover the market, this end, IBM introduced the BladeS, HP More is claimed that the blade can solve all the needs. There is no doubt that the future high-performance personal computers will be servers to a new high ground. United States and other developed countries, some enterprises such as Tyan, Vxtech invested heavily in other high-tech companies to start development. Intel, Microsoft and other foreign IT giants of personal high performance computer is showing a keen interest. Bill Gates once boasted that Microsoft will be based on WindowsClusterServer2003 into the personal computer market performance and is expected to achieve 1 million 1 trillion floating-point computing power of desktop computing. Moreover, according to IDCs market research reports, small and medium scale cluster is the fastest growing server market, considering the various needs of users, high-performance personal computer market to meet the needs of more than 10%. Next few years, high-performance personal computers is expected to emerge, and to seize the majority of small and medium-scale cluster user market.
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