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Part No. : L3903-54
Description : DSP For MODEM
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Because the unique structural features AdHoc, the integration of its cellular network structure with many different programs. Such as: support and self-organization of cellular relay system will be integrated as a cellular network AdHoc added to address hot spots of network congestion, while increasing the spectrum utilization, the system structure is shown in detail in [1-4]. Access network from the long-term development trends, to achieve the ultimate goal of FTTH. Through FTTH, long distance carriers can provide high-bandwidth services, improve the utilization of fiber optic backbone for the triple play, multi-service bearer can be a good support, and between the central office to the user base can be achieved Passive connection, can reduce routine maintenance costs.
Asustek to a tower this summer, following the heat pipe radiator Triton70 knocking the door of the radiator, again today, a listing of the "Poseidon" range, model Triton 75. The radiator is full compatibility mode, through different clips can be achieved with the Intel platform, the AMD platform and perfect support. Product packaging gives a fresh feel beautiful, Triton series highlights the Greek myth of "Poseidon," the Trident. ASUS Triton 75 heatsink using heat pipe tower design, the base copper material with a dense, four heat pipes running through the middle, using the aluminum heat sink material, heat sink large number of leaves. While the top fin designed 3 groove, you can absorb more of the fan provided by the additional wind power, enhanced heat dissipation.

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