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The results were shocking. For example, 23% of respondents said their companies had suffered in the past year, the internal network intrusion, and 27% of people do not know whether to be invaded. Here to remind you: avoid and do not know whether the company who do business with the invasion. In the corporate network losses caused by unsafe, 40% answered with a result of the invasion led to critical system or service interruptions, 38% answered cause data damage or loss of the invasion, 17% said the invasion led to intellectual property theft. See here, you are not trying to breaking broken credit card? But wait, it gets worse.
The theme of "leading the innovation, sharing of excellence," the seminar event was the Ministry of Labor and Social Security Information Center of the strong support of all the major provinces and cities in the information center model a positive response. Always been committed to government information as an important force in the construction, the leading network equipment manufacturers Digital Network also invited to attend the conference, combined with deep golden years of experience in security building line on the payment protection network planning and design, functional structure , the network construction and other elements of in-depth, comprehensive analysis and interpretation, and to security, management, and IP voice and others, were the leading solutions, which embody the Digital Network in the field of strong technical strength and strong heritage.

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