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Code-named Niagara and Rock the other high-end plans are still in development stage and sisters, but the Sun has been canceled this years other two chip development plan: low-end dual-core processor UltraSparcII Gemini, and high-end UltraSparc V. On the other hand, Sun is also active in the use of AMDs Opteron processor. Sun is also increasing emphasis on its software ] ] chip can run in both the future and even analysts to express their views on Tuesday that the company withdraw from the field of Wi-Fi more important reason is that market share and profit margins decline, rather than the legend Wi-Fi programs mission has been completed.
The two sides will focus on developing a series of key technologies and standards to enhance interoperability between devices, content delivery and application interoperability. Cooperation covering many areas of technology such as MMS, which will allow users to future mobile terminals and home electronics devices to browse and exchange images, audio, video and text information. In order to promote the field of home and mobile applications seamless interoperability between the two sides will jointly for mobile terminals and consumer electronics products, Java technology to create a common application program interface. The two sides also plan to develop for mobile devices and consumer electronics connectivity interface technology, to achieve the direct data exchange.

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