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"Fast Switch" is one of the most dazzling Windows XP features. If your computer memory less than 64MB, then the process of installing Windows XP will automatically be banned out, but with 96MB, 128MB, or even more memory for the user, the system will automatically open the function, if This feature is not very necessary, you can consider it closed. Run "Control Panel" in the "User Account" option, select "change user login on or off," not selected "Use Fast User Switching" check box on it. This has the advantage of playing 3D games can achieve good results, very useful. In the "Run" dialog box, type: Rundll32.exe advapi32.dll, ProcessIdleTasks, and then press Enter. Windows XP shutdown slow to solve the problem some users after installing the Windows XP will become aware of the slow computer is turned off. If you install the NVidia graphics card, you have to look for it why. Are often called the "NVIDIA Driver Helper Service service will lead to the emergence of this phenomenon. The service we generally do not need, and it will take a lot of system resources. Closed by opening the" Control Panel "] "Administrative Tools" ] "service" in the pop-up window, locate and right-click VIDIA Driver Helper Service item, select "Properties" in the drop-down list box is activated, select "Disabled."
Although a wide variety of knowledge management concepts, but this does not affect peoples concern for knowledge management, integrated 2005 and the overall 2006 survey results can be seen that concept of knowledge management be more widely recognized, the 2006 survey results show than the growth trend in 2005. Knowledge management in terms of attention and investment, 59% of the expressed "concern and commitment" on the rise; with 22% of the expressed "concern and commitment has not changed"; have 8% of the expressed "concern and commitment in reducing" . Attention to knowledge management, the agency said 10% of knowledge management "was freely applied in the business," the agency said 36% of knowledge management "is the hot spot, get the strategic attention"; 29% of the agencies that knowledge management "is hot, but not in a strategic "; 20% of the agencies that knowledge management" did not get much attention "; and" never to carry out knowledge management activities, "the proportion of only 5%. "Was comfortable in the business applications" are IBM and other companies. And "is hot, get the strategic focus of the company" is the following: Tsinghua Tong Fang, gold disc software, China National Petroleum Group.

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