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Second, firms invest in server R & D on a lot of money, such as IBMs x3 chipset-based server can support 4 to 32, but only a single PC, more processors means that the servers performance to be much higher in the PC. Finally, only from the power / performance ratio, the server processor and more dominant. For example, Xeon processors, secondary cache has 2 MB, Pentium 4 processor secondary cache was 512 KB ... ..., in the case of the same frequency, power consumption is almost the same, but the cache size on performance is very large. In addition, for SMEs, with 50 to 100 for the terminals of the network, the adoption of dual-core, multi-core PC, server, there is no problem to do, but this one will have a greater risk of downtime, on the other PCs can be extended is also much lower than the server, it also means expansion in the future when the user must buy more PC, resulting in management costs, maintenance costs, running costs, TCO are not necessarily cheap.
Prime sun today announced it will offer packages for Internet cafes and television throughout the year mandate, the use of the price of not more than 2,000 yuan. This means that the sun first to visit genuine flourishing film and television market, cafes, and gives the most affordable prices. Prime sun Chaweng Yi, the "Internet cafes are now the majority is not copyrighted video content, while most of the current film and television service providers play video platform services, and Internet cafes are the technical services contract contract, not a commitment to provide copyright authorize the use of contracts, and directly to the direct authority of the copyright bar, resulting in cafes could not distinguish who is truly genuine, want to buy genuine do not know where to buy Internet cafes. " Although there are many iSCSI device is expected to come out this year, but more likely are some of the early low-end products, such as for "If you want to enjoy the advantages of storage networks to support but do not have someone," the companies products. IBMs system storage business, said Clod Barrera, director of strategy, "easy to use will be important issues," "Many customers have IP or Ethernet network, and they know how to use."

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