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ip route ip route network is a unit for the department in the lower WAN subnet, based on business need to access the entire wide area network of the unit, but only through the sectoral networks a Cisco 3640 Router B Router A network access sector, and through the department Router B Router B, wide area network access units. To facilitate the setup, we only need to add a default in the Cisco 3640 route "ip route" to the department can access the external network are forwarded to department B router Router B, which for network interconnection. Set staff may be due to errors in the routing table to add a next hop node does not exist "ip route". Thus the computer within the network to access the external network, the router sometimes can not send IP packets to the correctly, because the router is powered job, save the memory of external network access within the network routing table, making some been able to properly access the computer outside the network, while others can not normally access the computer, when the router restarts, re-establish access routes list, making computer access outside the network internally discovered the phenomenon of change.
U.S. Food and Drug Administration asked the National Research Council for future research activities to provide some clues. National Research Council held for that purpose, including engineers and biologists from the participation of experts, including seminars, and now has released the relevant report. Reported that most previous studies focus only on short-term impact of healthy adults, we need more research work on the radio long-term effects on the human body. National Research Council said in a statement that we should measure the infants, children, pregnant women, the fetus suffered from a wireless device and base station antenna, the radio radiation.

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