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Therefore, to determine Analysys International, the news will accelerate 3G intellectual property rights in China and abroad, the owner of the negotiation process. If the message is implemented, then the negotiation process will be further accelerated. Analysys International says: China Blog sector investment potential assessment score was 3.05 points, with investment value. According to Analysys International, the industry evaluation criteria, in the comprehensive assessment of industry attractiveness, profitability and investment risk factors in three areas, Analysys International in the fourth quarter of 2005 to assess the areas of investment within the next three years the value of assessment score was 3.05 points , has some investment value. Assessment criteria: * market capacity - By 2005, the first half of Internet users in China reached 103 million, is expected to the end of 2005, the number of Internet users in China could reach 110 million, based on past years the growth in number of Internet users, Analysys International expected between now and 2008, 3 years, mobile phone users according to an annual growth rate of 20% is expected by 2008, the number of Internet users reached 200 million or so, these users can be regarded as potential customers * Blog the market size - - the end of 2005, the cumulative estimated number of registered users Blog reaches 4,000 million; user accounts for 36% of the total Internet; * size of the market the next 3 years - the next 3 years the end of 2008, the cumulative number of registered users is expected to reach 9,900 million , accounting for about 50% of Internet users * the next 3 years of market growth - market size of the next 3 years, 65% compound annual growth rate of the industry is in rapid development of the next 3 years * The average gross profit margin - the industry in market cultivation stage, inputs than outputs; Analysys International is expected within the next three years 2006-2008, the industry business model is still in the exploratory stage, the overall low level of profitability * technical content requirements - Blog technical requirements low, the macroeconomic impact of competition and comparison level of intense * - the industry by a greater degree of macroeconomic impact, and the level of national consumption by the industrial chain is closely related to * restrict the extent of a part - by the constraints of a low level of industrial chain
BIS in the proposal that the disconnection is continuing the disposal of those illegal documents to share one of the measures. BIS in June this year, online sharing of copyrighted content on the issue, seeking outside consultation. However, the authority of UK organizations have said is too severe disconnection disposal. BISs proposal suggests, ISP companies should share the burden of determining which documents should be disconnected and legal mechanisms of supervision most of the costs. But the company pointed out that these costs will be passed on broadband customers, they said the plan was "very unfair, because the vast majority of customers will not share files illegally." However, the new service in return may not come as quickly in order to prevent the Yahoo shareholders to sell to Yahoo, Microsofts insurgency. Since Yahoo rejected Microsofts 47.5 billion takeover offer, Yahoo shareholders, including CEO Jerry Yang, Yahoos board within the dissatisfaction, even though the stock price soon fell to Microsofts bid for the first time the four-year low before point.

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