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Part No. : L200CV
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Manufacturer : STMicroelectronics
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"Rejected by them," is also a leading research firm Burton Group analyst Cohen said: "They said, that does not match with the interest nowadays." Two years later, countless companies and individuals are still paying the wrong decision price. Today, viruses and worms growing rampant around the Internet, poses the greatest threat to the computer, but the technology industry have not been able to come up once and for all the way to their extinction. Such figures, such as Sobig and Slammer spread of infectious diseases, leading companies struggling to cope with billions of dollars are lost every year.
Participate in "Project Simplify" program that several technology providers will demonstrate their products during development, services and solutions, as follows: LSI Logic: LSI Logic SAS1068 8 shows the port-based controller developed SAS3442X HBA SAS tiered storage solution, the program runs on HP servers, and includes a storage cabinet, which consists of a high-performance Seagate Cheetah 15K SAS hard disk drives and nearline NL35 Series SATA hard disk drive components, in the same storage system with SAS also and SATAs flexibility and scalability with SAS technology, which will be a great highlight of the program, in addition, LSI Logic will demonstrate its iSCSI RAID storage adapter and 4G Fibre Channel host bus adapter cards.

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